GEPCO New Connection 2022-Domestic Commercial Demand Notice

You may now apply for a GEPCO New Connection in just a few clicks from the convenience of your own home.
Previously, if someone needed a new GEPCO connection, they had to go to the local customer service center, stand in line for hours, receive a physical copy of the application form, fill it out, print all the requisite papers, attach them to the application form, and then submit their application. If they ever lost the actual copy of the form, the entire procedure would have to be redone.
It was a time-consuming procedure, particularly for those living in rural regions who had to travel for hours to reach a customer service center. GEPCO has made applying for a new connection effortless for its customers. You may also check the duplicate GEPCO Online Bill.


GEPCO New Connection


GEPCO New Connection Application Procedure

GEPCO’s new connection is extremely simple to set up. All that is required of the consumer is to be truthful and honest. To begin the procedure, you will need a decent internet connection and a smartphone or laptop. To access the GEPCO application form.

  • Open your browser.
  • Write “GEPCO application form.”
  • Open the application form.
  • Fill out the form and submit it to GEPCO through email. You may also pay the price over the internet.

It’s never been easier to apply for a new connection. Everything you need to know about getting a new connection is plainly stated on the GEPCO official website. There are three types of connections to which you can apply:

  • First Category  (at most 15 kW) is the first category.
  • Second Category  (16-70 kW / 400V) is the second category.
  • Third Category  (71-500 kW / 400V) is the third category.

There are separate instructions for each category. The steps for applying for a specific connection in these three categories are clearly stated on the GEPCO official website. For more information, go to

GEPCO New Connection Application Form:

Customers must complete a GEPCO online application form to receive a new connection. Make sure you use your registered email address while filling out the application form. Fill out the GEPCO online application form according to the instructions.

  • Open the application form.
  • You have the option of downloading it or filling it out online.
  • Fill in the required information about yourself, such as your name, date of birth, and residence address.
  • Attach the required documents with it.
  • Please email it to GEPCO’s official email address.

Required Documents for New Connection

The documents do not just include personal information, such as a birth certificate. There are several more documents that must be submitted. Before applying for a new connection, make sure you have a good record of these documents. GEPCO expects

  • A document proving property ownership; you must satisfy the authorities that the address you provided is correct. The residence is yours, so they may contact you if there is a problem.
  • The location (given in the application form) has never had a connection installed previously, according to a document. Sometimes people make a new connection and then get free electricity. When they are afraid that the authorities will come to arrest them, they leave the area. The authorities then cut off the electricity supply to the residents. People occasionally purchase already built new home. Thus, if the consumer finds himself in this scenario, he must verify that there has not been a previous connection installation in the house. Otherwise, the applicant would be responsible for the electricity costs that he did not consume۔
  • A “no objection” document is required if the applicant is a tenant. People may install the connections without consulting the landlord first. This no objection form is necessary to avoid a situation like this.
  • A copy of the applicant’s CNIC.
  • A power of attorney’s signature or letter of authorization is required to install a new company connection.

Further Required Documents

You have to upload all the documents in an online format. Most individuals do not use this type of application since they do not know how to attach papers to an online application. You should take the following actions to attach relevant documents:

  • Take a clear picture of your paper to see each word.
  • In the browser, type photo to pdf converter.
  • There will be several tools available.
  • Choose any tool, upload the image, and convert it to a pdf document.
  • Email a PDF of the hat to GEPCO.

It is the most convenient method of requesting the installation of a new connection. Although the manual approach is not complex, it does take a lot of time and work. The processes to get a new connection are as follows:

  • Go to the GEPCO regional office.
  • Put yourself in line and wait for your turn.
  • Request the application form in your turn. It’s completely free.
  • Return home with the completed application form.
  • Carefully fill in the details.
  • Now, if you need documents, go to a photocopy shop and get photocopies of your documents.
  • Attach photocopies to the application form.
  • You can send the application form to GEPCO’s postal address.
  • You may also hand-deliver the application form to GEPCO’s personnel.
  • Pay the fees via a bank transfer.

GEPCO New Connection Fee:

GEPCO charges 3000 rupees for the installation of a new connection. It is the most important fee for customers in the household sector.

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