What are the major differences between Gaming Pc Vs Normal Pc? This is the most common question of the people h have an interest in Pc gaming. First of all, I am going to tell you about the GAMING PC, we also call it a gaming computer. Let me tell you that a gaming PC is a specialized personal computer that is designed for playing different types of video games at very high standards. It is also known as a high-end windows pc. Gaming PCs are often customized for serious fans. They have 32 GB RAM. The fastest GPU and CPU chips are also available. To increase the performance of modern computer games, we built this desktop. It can also increase graphical and processing power. Video cards like dedicated RAM, a GPU, and also a cooling system are available in gaming computers. They have unlimited space which is outstanding performance.

Gaming PC Vs Normal PC




Differences Between Gaming and Normal PC

Now we are going to discuss some differences between gaming and a normal pc. The main difference between them is that a Gaming pc has a more powerful CPU and video cards. They also have more RAM and storage space while normal PC doesn’t have. Some differences are bellowed:

  • RAM

Gaming PC Specifications

Here are the major specifications that your PC must have to give you a better gaming performance. There are various differences between Gaming PC Vs Normal Pc. Below mentioned are some of these differences.

Gaming PC Audio

The first difference is the audio difference between them. Gaming PC has a better and higher audio system while normal PC doesn’t.

Gaming PC Portability

Regular computers usually have no portability while gaming pc has allowed you some portability. Regular computers also have lots of wires and cables.

Gaming PC Display

The display of a gaming computer is better than the display of a normal PC. It is richer and crispier as compared to the display of a normal PC.

Gaming PC Vs Normal PC Power

As we know that there are a lot of high-performing components and hardware inside the gaming PC which need a lot of power to operate. So, a regular desktop computer has less power consumption than a gaming computer.

Gaming PC Ram

We need a lot of RAM to handle all the data in form of memory and graphics etc. there is 4 GB RAM in a normal pc which is enough for normal use but gaming computers have a lot of RAM for gaming and other tasks. This is the most important difference if you consider differences between Gaming Pc Vs Normal Pc.

These are the differences between a gaming pc and a normal pc.


Normal PC is also used for gaming purposes. A normal PC is also known as a desktop computer. It is a personal computer which is designed for normal use. We can use it on regular bases and due to its size or power requirements, we can use it at a single location on or near a desk. It is a multi-purpose microcomputer. For personal computers, the software is developed and distributed independently. An individual can easily use it. Its RAM is approximately 8-16 GB. It can also be used for gaming but only less demanding games can run in this just like in most cases Mine craft or league of legends. This system can also run the games like battlefield or call of duty which is demanding games but firstly we have to upgrade this system to a more powerful processor and graphic cards etc.

How Graphics Cards Can Help us in GAMING

Graphic cards are also known as GPU, whose full form is the graphics processing unit. It is also called a video card. It is also a specialized electronic circuit. Graphics cards can speed up the rendering and creation of images, videos, and animations. Fast math calculation is also performed by it while other tasks are performed by freeing the CPU. If a graphics card is better, then it can also improve the gaming ability of a computer. The card is playing video better and freeing up memory and by doing this they can improve the computing experience. The computer’s visual performance is also boosted by improving its graphics.

The important component of a gaming system is GPU. GPU is the most important and worthy for PC gaming. The games which are in demand need both a smart CPU and a powerful GPU. However, Some tasks are given by CPUs during a game which is not performed by the GPUs like artificial intelligence (AI) and functionality of non-player characters. Some tasks are performed better by GPU. A computer can play games better when we install a better graphics card.

The most important hardware for gaming is graphics cards. The graphics card also hindered the ability of a computer to play games that is not sufficient for a game’s requirements. Also, an old computer can play games well by installing a current graphics card in it. It is very easy to install a new graphics card into an older computer while buying a new computer for gaming. You can easily play games better on the old computer by adding a new graphics card.


Best Gaming Keyboards

Top 10 rated keyboard brands

Every year new and exciting models are introduced by the computer keyboard brands. It is hard to choose the best ones in many choices. Let us discuss some top-rated keyboard brands which are given below:


In the gaming industry, RAZER is the household name with headquarters in San Diego, California. This company was established in 1998 and everything related to games has been produced by this company since. You can also buy RAZER branded laptops, gaming mice, and keyboards. For gamers, the keyboard technology of the RAZER brand is top-notch.

2: Logitech

Logitech is a trusted and well-known brand. They can manufacture high-quality computer peripherals. The company was founded in 1981 and they work so hard to manufacture and sell pointing devices. The mechanical keyboards are available in Logitech for gamers.

3: Corsair

Corsair is founded in 1994 in California. It is another trusted brand that provides the best mechanical keyboard dubbed vengeance. A variety of keyboards are also offered by this brand. Some wireless and standard gaming or mechanical featuring keyboards are offered by the corsair brand.

4: Cloud Nine

This brand makes your life easy and comfortable with its products in which this company is specialized. The most popular keyboard of this brand is ergonomic mechanical split-keyboard.


This brand was founded in 1989 in Toronto, the switches of this brand are amazing. This brand is known for its mechanical keyboards.


FILCO is another trusted brand and it was founded in 1982. Some long-lasting keyboards are also available here

7: Das keyboard

A completely blank keyboard is offered by the Das keyboard brand and it was founded in 2005.

8: Microsoft

Microsoft brand is one of the best brands and trusted brand which is well known for its top-notch ergonomic keyboards.

9: Leopold

This is also a big brand and they offer durable and high-quality pre-built keyboards.

10: HHKB

HHKB is the happy hacking keyboard and it is also a brand that offers high-quality mechanical keyboards.

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