GAC Motors makes the GS3 subcompact crossover SUV. GAC GS3 2022 is a very elegant and efficient vehicle. The GS3 subcompact crossover SUV is front-engined and front-wheel-drive. It was first introduced in 2017 with several engine options. In 2018, it was introduced for the first time in the Philippines. The GAC GS3 has been redesigned inside and out for 2021. The new model has a more prominent front grille with more striking headlamps. While the back is identical, the interior has undergone extensive reshaping to accommodate new technologies. Two digital display screens and an electric sunroof were added to enhance the car’s elegance.

There are now two options for engine power and torque. GAC Motors’ smallest crossover is the GAC GS3. It offers fun driving and clever handling. GAC GS3’s high-strength steel shell ensures worry-free driving and enhanced safety. GAC GS3 is known for its innovation, durability, and professionalism. It features 3D voice navigation, adaptive cruise controls, keyless entry and one-button start.


Variants and prices for GAC GS3 2022

In Pakistan, the GAC GS3 will cost approximately PKR 4,500,000. This price does not include freight, taxes or any other documentation fee.




PKR 4,500,000

GAC GS3 2022 Exterior

GAC GS3 has been redesigned with improved flying dynamics. The integrated strong grille at the front displays the GAC logo in a striking way. With hidden D-pillars, chrome accents, and roof rack that matches the roof rack, the roof is designed to float. The electric power sunroof allows for plenty of fresh air and provides uninterrupted views of the sky. The rear end has 8-shaped horizontal taillights that have an infinity symbol. The LED front headlights will feature an eagle-eye lens design and LED daytime running light strips. The SUV crossover’s 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels are dynamic and enhance its attractiveness.

GAC GS3 Interior 2022

GAC GS3’s interior is elegant and luxurious for 2021. Its luxurious interior features soft leather upholstery that ensures a high-quality experience. The interior space is large and the rear seats are 1500mm wide. The cabin can hold five people and the seats are comfortable, so you can relax and enjoy your journeys. Two digital screens are now available in the cabin. One is an 8.25-inch instrument panel, and one is a touch screen with infotainment that is compatible with smartphones. The cabin has two-tone leather upholstery and piano-black accents.

The remote control keyless entry system locates the driver within a specified range and unlocks his vehicle. The one-button start system quickly starts and stops the vehicle by gently pressing the start button. The 3D navigation system allows for better route planning and accuracy. The system includes a wide-angle rear camera with auxiliary lines. This makes parking and reversing much easier. Direct tire pressure monitoring displays the abnormal tire pressure on the screen in real-time.


Performance & Drive

All GAC GS3 models provide great driving performance. GAC GS3’s second generation 200T engine features modern technologies like a Gasoline Combustion Control System (GCCS) and Dual Continuously Variable Vave Timing (DCVVT). It produces less noise, more torque, and consumes less fuel. The new Asinine 6-speed automatic transmission gives it smooth performance at low RPM. You can shift gears easily and have a smooth ride. It is balanced between fuel economy, power efficiency, and fuel economy. The Macpherson independent front suspension is combined with a twisting beam rear suspension to maintain road conditions and driver comfort.

GPS 3D voice navigation aids in route planning. The automatic parking brakes let you park your car without needing a traditional hand brake. The adaptive cruise control maintains a safe distance between you and any car ahead. Power steering is lightweight and gives you solid control over the vehicle. The brake system is efficient thanks to the vented disc brakes at the front and the disc brakes at the back. The crossover handles well and can be maneuvered through curves and twists with ease. GAC GS3 is available in a range of flavors.

GAC GS3 Fuel Mileage

According to a statement from the manufacturer, this automobile has exceptional fuel economy, traveling around 15 kilometers for every liter of gasoline. Also included in this vehicle is an engine that uses hybrid technology.

Trims & Variants available Internationally

The 2021 GAC GS3 is offered in the Philippines in three different configurations: 1.5 GAS 6-Speed A/T GS, 1.5 A/T Premiere, and 1.3 GAS TURBO 6-Speed A/T GE. The 1.5 GAS 6-Speed A/T GS sports a six-speed automatic transmission with a gasoline engine. The 1495cc engine of the 1.5 A/T Premiere features a 6-speed automatic gearbox. It has keyless entry, an anti-lock brake system, electronic brake force distribution, airbags, and rear parking sensors. The 1325cc engine of the 1.3 GAS TURBO 6-Speed A/T GE features a 6-speed automatic transmission. It has hill-start assist control, power steering, a tyre pressure monitoring system, leather upholstery, cruise control, and a push-start button.

Engine & Power

The front-wheel-drive, 1.3 liter, 1325cc, 4-cylinder, 16-valve engine in the 1.3 GAS TURBO grade has a 6-speed automated transmission and is available with front-wheel drive. At 5500 RPM, it produces 136 horsepower, and at 1500 RPM, it produces 202 Nm of torque.

The GAC GS3 1.5 AT Premiere’s 1495cc, 1.5 liter, 4-cylinder engine with 16 valves and a six-speed automated transmission produces 150 Nm of torque at 4500 RPM and 113 hp of power at 6000 RPM.

Similar in terms of their drivetrains, the 1.5 AT Premiere and the GS3 1.5 Gas 6-Speed AT GS differ in a number of aspects.

Comfort and handling

A quality riding experience is guaranteed with leather upholstery and comfortable seats. It can tackle uneven roads with ease because of the independent McPherson front suspension and twisted beam rear suspension. To provide great handling on all surfaces, it has traction control, cruise control, downhill assists, and uphill assist.

Safety & features

The GAC GS3 2022 includes a multitude of safety elements in addition to its high-strength steel shell, which guarantees the utmost safety for passengers. These are a few of the features:

  • a driver’s front airbags
  • frontal side airbags
  • System for Electronic Stability Control
  • method for monitoring tyre pressure
  • Hill-start Support
  • System of anti-lock brakes
  • wide-angle reverse-tracking cameras


  • BAIC BJ20
  • BYD S1


Max Power (kW/rpm) 84/6000
Max Torque (N.m/rpm) 150/4500
Seating Capacity 5
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 50
Displacement (mL) 1495
Brakes Ventilated disc brakes up front and disc brakes at the rear.
Steering Electric Power Steering (EPS)
Transmission AT

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