FESCO Online Complaint-Procedure SMS Service

The most common and oldest method is to go to the power supply company’s office and report the problem to the support desk. On the other hand, this traditional method can cost the consumer both time and money. You can also call the company to inform them of your problem. FESCO has supplied phone numbers for each section and special complaint lines.
A consumer can file a complaint by calling the number provided. The FESCO online complaint system is another safe and reliable alternative to make a complaint. On the official FESCO website, certain forms are available for consumers to fill out and submit to receive prompt assistance from the company. Consumers can contact the FESCO complaint number for help at any time, in addition to filing a complaint.



FESCO Complaint

FESCO Online Complaint Procedure

Many people live outside of the country for various reasons, including work. They can also use the FESCO online complaint registration tool. It is the most acceptable option for those who do not live in the Faisalabad area. If this service is not available, they will be unable to submit a FESCO bill on time. You can also file a complaint here without paying any fees.
People used to worry about their complaints when the online system was unavailable. Those who reside in rural areas are the ones that suffer the most. Because they have difficulty finding FESCO officials in cities where they are available, they are now content with the internet protest.
Every educated person nowadays uses internet complaints because of the benefits listed below.
• You can submit your complaint from the comfort of your own home, and tracking is simple. You will have easy access to your complaint when it has been submitted.
• It is not acceptable for online tracking to apply offline or go to the office for a physical complaint.
For online complaints, it’s great if you have an Android phone and access to the internet and meet the primary conditions for online complaint submission.

  • CNIC Number
  • Your contact number
  • FESCO Meter number
  • FESCO Reference Number
  • Connection type
    The above list is necessary. If you have all of the information, you can file any complaint. Otherwise, you only have one option for presenting your complaint offline: you must submit your application in writing.



Way To Register FESCO Complaint

First of all, if you wish to apply online, click on the above button, which will take you to FESCO’s official website, www.fesco.com.pk. When you get to where you can file a complaint, click on the Lodge a Complaint option.
You’ll see a form on your screen where you can fill out the following information.

  • Name of Complainant and Father/Husband’s Name
  • House/flat No., Street/Gali/Road, Village/Muhalla/Sector, Tehsil
  • Country
  • City Phone No.
  • CNIC No.
  • The subject of the complaint
  • Against Person, if any
  • Ref. No.
  • Sub Division.
    This is all the information that is required. The Faisalabad Electric Company digitizes all of its system manuals and puts them online. Because they are familiar with people’s issues. The best way to solve any problem is to use the online system. All of the data was previously available in files. Then there’s the problem of locating anything. Enter the consumer’s reference number if they want to double-check anything. All the data is displayed on the screen, allowing you to double-check anything.

Click the link to check your FESCO Online Bill


Cellphones are an absolute need in today’s environment. FESCO serves its customers through their mobile phones and delivers online and physical services. A FESCO customer, for example, can now receive a Fesco meter reading SMS on their phone. Meter readers are instructed to acquire the cell phone numbers of electricity customers. Following that, such numbers are utilized to alert customers about meter readings and bill due dates.

A consumer can register their cellphone number on the official Fesco website using the Fesco bill SMS registration form and submitting their number to the meter reading employees. A consumer must know the reference number for their meter connection and have a cellphone number to register for the service. FESCO customers can register for Fesco SMS notifications by following the below steps.
Fesco’s online portal may be found here.

Visit http://fesco.com.pk/E-Mail-Bill.asp for further information.

The SMS Registration Form may be accessed by clicking this link.

You must enter the 14-digit reference number for your meter in the top box. (To obtain this code, please refer to the actual copy of your Fesco bill.)

Enter your mobile number in this pattern

Submit the form by clicking the submit button.

Keep in mind that you may edit this recode at any time. Follow the same steps to update the record.

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