You are currently viewing FESCO Online Bill Of May 2023 – Check & Download

FESCO Online Bill Of May 2023 – Check & Download

Need your May 2023 FESCO Online Bill? Obtaining it from here is possible. FESCO Online Bill is a service that eliminates the need to physically visit the store for bill payment. Online users have access to their billing and payment records and can make changes to their accounts as needed. Accessing your bill, payment history, and other relevant details is a breeze with FESCO.

Your current balance and tariff schedule are also viewable. The world has shrunk into a global village because of technological progress. If you have a smartphone and access to the internet, you can do everything. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to view your FESCO bill online. Here you may access, download, and settle your duplicate FESCO Bill.

Reference #

Reference # is required.

Check FESCO Online Bill of May 2023

Enter the reference number if you want to see your FESCO bill for November 2023. You can check your bill records to see if your bill has been paid or not. Before getting a copy of the bill, you can check the FESCO bijli bill for the previous month or download an exact copy of the original Bill that you lost or never got. You can use any computer to download a copy of your FESCO bill. This site will work on any computer, phone, or tablet.

At the beginning of every month, the original copy of your FESCO energy bill is brought to your door. If you lose your Electricity Bill, you must get a copy of it again. In the past, you had to drive to your local customer service center or head office and wait in line for hours to get a copy of your Electricity Bill. Technology has made it a lot easier, so you no longer have to deal with this. You can get a copy of your duplicate bill online.

Way to find 14-digit FESCO Bill Reference Number

To Check FESCO Bill May 2023, you must know a 14-digit reference number. You can check it from your Bill. It will be written in a box, typically at the top corner of your bill. If you’re still having trouble locating Bill’s reference number, look at the highlighted area in the image below:

FESCO Online Bill

Procedure to Check FESCO Online Bill of May 2023

  • Visit website.
  •  Enter a 14-digit reference number in the box.
  • You may now view the current bill amount and due date.
    To view the whole bill or download a copy of it, click “View Full Bill.”
  •  The FESCO billing schedule and the FESCO meter reading schedule are also available via the links below.

Now, you can check and pay FESCO May Bill Online by using just a 14-digit Reference Number.
Just put your 14 digits reference number above to check your FESCO Online Bill.

Why Use FESCO Online Bill Services?

FESCO is a utility company that serves homes, businesses, and factories in the Faisalabad area by giving them energy and natural gas. Customers of FESCO can use FESCO Online Bill, which is a tool that lets them look at their bills online. The FESCO Online Bill lets you do more than just look at your bill. You can also pay your bill, report an outage, or ask for a quote.

Which areas come under FESCO?

The following are the areas where FESCO supplies its providers:

  1. Faisalabad
  2. Mianwali
  3. Sargodha
  4. Jhang
  5. Khushab
  6. Toba Tek Singh

The Following Services are provided by FESCO Online

It provides customers with the following services:

  • Billing and payment facilities at any time of the day.
  • Easy access to the latest bill history with detailed information about each bill.
  • Viewing and downloading bills as PDFs or JPEGs.
  • Receiving alerts about upcoming payments, reminders, or other messages from FESCO.

FESCO Online Bill Calculator

Calculating the rates of the units manually is indeed challenging for the average consumer. However, you can immediately estimate your total usage using our FESCO Bill Calculator 2023.

You can now get an accurate estimate of how much electricity you use right away by choosing your connection type and entering the number of units for that connection. This works for residential, business, and industrial users. Click above to figure out your May 2023 FESCO online bill


Electricity rates are known as “tariffs.” FESCO offers a range of prices to accommodate its diverse clientele. These costs reflect a number of variables. The Tariff is more affordable for private households than it is for businesses. If you follow the link, you should be able to find out everything you need to know about tariffs.

FESCO Mobile Number Registration

FESCO Bill SMS service started by the FESCO is free of cost to facilitate the users. You can either check your FESCO bill (Bijli bill) or have it sent to your contact number through SMS via the FESCO bill SMS service. Just click the button below to enter your Bill’s reference number and contact number to receive your FESCO bill.

FESCO Management Information System

The FESCO MIS is a management information system available to all employees. A user ID and password are required for entry into MIS FESCO.

FESCO is Pakistan’s premier energy and infrastructure provider. More than 3 million people in the country are receiving electricity from it. Customers looking for a more convenient way to handle their monthly bill payments will find the FESCO Online Bill service to be an excellent option. The service can be accessed from any web-enabled device, therefore mobile phones and tablets are supported. In addition to paying their bills at any of FESCO’s branch locations, customers can use the company’s payment kiosks.

FESCO Bill Payment Method

You may pay your bill online or Offline when you receive it. There is detail below about how you can pay:
 • Offline Bill Payment: You can pay your FESCO utility bills at any commercial bank or post office branch. For offline payment, you must have a printed copy of your Bill.
 • Online Bill Payment: FESCO provides a platform for users to pay their bills online. Users can pay their bills by using a credit card, debit card, or Internet banking. FESCO is an Online Bill Payment service that offers users to pay their bills through different channels.

Credit cards, debit cards, and online banking are all examples of these methods. You can make the payment using the FESCO website or the FESCO mobile app.

The FESCO May bill (Bijli bill) can be paid on the websites of most major financial institutions. They can pay their bills more quickly and easily with the bank’s mobile app after obtaining internet banking details from their local bank branch. In addition to using a bank account, they can use services like EasyPaisa or Jazz Cash to pay their FESCO bijli bill.

FESCO New Connection

A person who lives in the FESCO area and is looking for a government-provided electrical connection can now apply online for a new FESCO connection. The FESCO new connection can be applied in two ways. The traditional method of applying for a new connection is to go to the power supply company’s office, and the second method is to apply for a new connection online.

FESCO New Meter Connection Fee

The new connection fee structure at FESCO is determined by a number of factors. After FESCO receives your registration form and necessary documentation, you will be issued a registration PIN. In line with the requirements of the Grid Code, the Distribution Code, and the Consumer Eligibility Criteria, the application will be evaluated/processed and approved. This is so the applicant can keep a record of the application for future use. Take the notice and pay for your new FESCO connection at any of the participating banks. A receipt for payment must be issued by the bank per the notification.

You may have the client sign the electricity agreement with FESCO once you have received the funds indicated in the demand notifications. FESCO will look at the fulfilled demand notifications and a wiring test report to figure out how many connections can be made to each exempt application. Upon submitting a new connection application or FESCO meter application, the office will determine the appropriate new meter connection charge based on the kind of connection requested.

FESCO Meter Installation Location

  1. In order for FESCO to be able to put the meter on the customer’s property, the customer must make their property secure and easily accessible.
  2. The meters will be installed by FESCO at a suitable height so you can access them more simply and without using any equipment.
  3. All of the consumers who live in multi-floor buildings should have their meters fixed at the same spot on the building’s perimeter.
  4. The FESCO reserves the right to relocate the metering equipment at any moment in order to comply with the provisions of the Consumer Eligibility Criteria, 2003 and the Schedule of Tariffs in effect at the time.
  5. Consumers must provide the FESCO 7 days’ notice before moving their meter at any time or to a new location on their property. Additionally, the customer must explain why this move is necessary. After receiving a request for such a shift and receiving payment from the customer for the shifting fees that the FESCO required through a demand notice, the FESCO may relocate the metering equipment.

FESCO Complaints

Here is a list of contacts you can use if you need any help.

FESCO Helpline


FESCO Complaint Number


FESCO Contact Number


You can register your FESCO Complaints online by clicking the button below

FESCO Email Billing Service

Email billing support is a great service that can be found on the main FESCO website. You can sign up for a regular bill by giving your email address and the reference number. Then, before the due date, your bill will be sent to you by email. If you want to look up a payment by SMS, you should go to this official Fesco site. changes to how friends are registered and transferred

Please read the last link on this page. If you just bought a new home with a FESCO connection that was registered to the previous owner and you want to add your name to the bill, you must follow the same steps as for a new link. If you want to change or fix the address, you can go to the FESCO office closest to you.

FESCO Bill SMS service

You can find detailed directions on how to send bills through SMS on the official FESCO website. To set up a monthly regular charge and get your bill via SMS before it’s due, you must give your contact information and a reference number. If you want an invoice SMS, the best place to go is the official FESCO website.

Before you pay your FESCO bill, you should check how it is set up.So, you need to know what everything on your power bill means. You should be able to understand and explain the areas on the FESCO online invoice with the information below.

FESCO Peak Hours

FESCO advises consumers to reduce their power use during peak hours, which will lower their monthly bills and contribute to the regional electric grid’s supply stability. The FESCO peak times are as follows:

From April to MayFrom November to March
6:30 PM – 10:30 PM6 PM – 10 PM


FESCO is a well-known organization. It offers jobs in various departments, therefore anyone who wants to pursue his career in this field must not miss this golden opportunity. FESCO is an organization that is very supportive of its Employees. It also offers healthy salaries to its workers. If you want information regarding the latest FESCO jobs, how to apply for these jobs, and the Vacancies in them, you can find it by clicking the link FESCO jobs.


The name of the Faisalabad Electric Supply Company is written as FESCO. In terms of power, FESCO serves almost 4.01 million customers. It is thought that over 26 million people live in the FESCO area as a whole. FESCO is one of the best electrical distribution companies in Pakistan in terms of how well it works. This is because its power distribution system loses very little power and it has a better chance of getting paid. Its main area of service is Faisalabad, which is known as the Manchester of Pakistan because it has a big textile industry.

FESCO Bill Taxes


FPA stands for Gas Cost Adjustment. Even the FPA price tag in the FESCO monthly bill is determined by the gas prices of leasing power companies that generate electricity from oil. Whenever there is a fuel cost payable, you may see that number on your monthly bill.

Surcharge for T.R

Tariff Rationalization Surcharge shorts for T.R. This is NEPRA as well as the GOP tariff gap. When the gap is favourable, GOP will soon pay it as a “Subsidy.” However, if the gap is unfavourable, the Distribution Business will cover GOP due to the “Inter DISCO Tariff Rationalization Surcharge (IDTR SUR)”.

Surcharge for FC

Lending Price is abbreviated as FC. The officers decided to charge 43 paisa for each device as Hamilton’s academic Surcharge in order to obtain a set of debt-servicing of their ability Holding personal Limited.

Volume Deferred

This can be the bill amount that you have decided to cover in the same thirty-day period, or even after you. There are no late fees on waive charge, and your subsequent statements may include this number in full or payments.

QTR Tariff Adjustment / DMC

This will be the level of annual tariff modification. This number will appear on your monthly bill within a couple of weeks.


Read FAQs about your FESCO Online Bill

1. Where can a customer pay their FESCO bill of May 2023?

FESCO is the operator of all plan Pakistani banks, including NADRA, OBL, Omni EasyPaisa, Alfala Online Banking, and Post Office. They have open branches around the country to make bill payments easy for customers. You can pay bills at any bank or the post office in the FESCO region.

2. How can you re-establish the lost connection?

You can re-establish the lost connection by contacting the appropriate Revenue Officer using a freely available form and by following the specified instructions. If you have any queries or feedback, please feel free to contact us at our customer care number or email address.

3. What is FPA on a FESCO Electricity bill?

A: FPA is an abbreviation for Gas Cost Adjustment. This is a method of adjusting electricity prices base on changes in gasoline prices. The FPA cost is determined by the gas pricing of leasing power companies that generate electricity from crude oil.

4. How do I calculate my FESCO May Bill Online?

A: You will be able to calculate the estimated bill amount here.

5.  Can I cover the cost of my FESCO utility bill?

A: Your current bill isn’t appropriate for payments, but if you have pending dues (arrears) on your invoice, you can get payments for that amount, but you’ll also have to pay interest at bank rates.

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