FESCO New Connection 2022-Domestic & Commercial

A person who lives in the FESCO area and is looking for a government-provided electrical connection can now apply online for a new FESCO connection. The FESCO new connection can be applied in two ways. The traditional method of applying for a new connection is to go to the power supply company’s office, and the second method is to apply for a new connection online.

Procedure for FESCO New Connection

Let us lead you through FESCO’s new connection method step by step. Usually, a candidate could apply for a new connection, in the same manner, the same manner they would apply for a new job.

FESCO’s New Connection | Physical Method

  • You have to visit the nearest sub-division office of FESCO.
  • Request a new connection form from the help desk officer, who will provide it to you for free.
  • Complete the application.
  • Please attach and submit the relevant documentation.
  • The FESCO clerk will issue you an acknowledgment receipt when verifying the paperwork.
  • FESCO will install a new connection to your desired location within a month.

FESCO New Connection


FESCO’s New Connection Online

Follow the instructions below for applying for FESCO New Connection Online.

  • Visit the link to learn attentively and then select the connection type and tariff with care (if you don’t know what they are, click the blue arrow button to see the tariff guide).
  • Complete the remaining fields.
  • Please attach the jpeg files of the following scanned papers.
  • Proof of property ownership.
  • Attested copy of the applicant’s CNIC.
  • A neighbor’s Bill copy
  • Abridged Conditions with an attested copy.
  • NTN certificate attested copy
  • Attested copy of witness’s CNIC
  • The owner’s certificate of no objection is required.
  • Attested affidavit of the owner.
  • Read the terms and conditions carefully.
  • For terms and conditions, click on the checkbox.
  • Submit the form.

These are the possible methods to apply for FESCO’s new connection but we will suggest you apply online because it is easy and time-saving.


To get the new connection, a customer can use the above-mentioned techniques. The company’s staff will visit where the connection meter is scheduled to be installed after the application has been approved. Following that, FESCO will install a wired connection, and the consumer will receive power from the corporation.
The entire process can take up to two months for commercial meters and one month for residential meters. First, the user must pay the new connection fees. After that FESCO will install the meter. FESCO customers can seek help during the procedure by calling the FESCO helpline number.

Application form for a FESCO New Connection

The Faisalabad Electric Supply Company has made getting a new connection as simple as possible. When a person relocates, they will look for an electricity connection in their new area. In the past, a person who wanted a new power supply connection would have to visit the power supply company’s office several times before the connection was installed.
The Pakistan Water and Development Authority has made its processes available online by digitalizing every element of life. With a smart device, a person can now receive an electricity connection after moving to a new site. The procedure is straightforward. To obtain a new power connection, a person must file a new connection application.
On the official FESCO website, you can find the new connection application form. Check for the new connection form on the website checkanybill. Pk. Customers can apply for FESCO’s new connection both online and offline. Please refer to the FESCO new connection method guide for both offline and online connections.

You can easily apply for a new connection by following these instructions but you have to be precise. Click here to check FESCO Online Bill

The Fee of FESCO New Connection

FESCO’s new meter connection fee is Rs 3000/-for domestic connections. A customer can pay the whole amount when submitting a new connection fee or paying the charges in installments. Before establishing the connection, the business will charge Rs 300/-, and the rest of Rs 2700/- will be paid in monthly installments of Rs 300/-.
After submitting the new connection application, the applicant must pay the new connection fee. After examining the paperwork and visiting the physical place where the connection is requested, the subdivision officer will accept or reject the application. If the company rejects the application, the applicant will be notified and given instructions on how to submit a new application.
The electricity supply company will issue a demand notice for the accepted application, including the meter charges, tax fee, and line length charges. FESCO’s new connection demand notice cost has no set rates. The cost fluctuates based on the amount of tax and NEPRA fees. You can find the new amount on NEPRA’s official website.

New Connection Status

The company will assign an application number to the new connection application. Make a mental note of the application number. That application number is the only means to trace your new connection procedure.

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