Calculating the rates of the units manually is indeed challenging for the average consumer. However, you can immediately estimate your total usage using our FESCO Online Bill Calculator 2022.

You may now instantly obtain an exact estimate of your Electricity usage by selecting your connection type and providing the number of units for that connection, whether you are a domestic, commercial, or industrial consumer.



How to Use FESCO Bill Calculator

The first question that comes to mind is how to utilize the FESCO online bill calculator. It is not difficult to use the tool. The most important thing is that a person understands the tool’s criteria and what he needs to enter into the tool to calculate the online bill. Let us discuss the principal terms with expertise while calculating the FESCO bill online to resolve this issue.

1. Connection Types

You should be aware of the nature of your connection. It could be household, agricultural, or business-related. According to the type of connection, different tariff rates apply. In FESCO, there are various sorts of connections:

  • A1(03) is a domestic tariff.
  • A1(01) is a domestic tariff.
  • A2(04) is a business tariff.
  • A2c (06)T is a business tariff.
  • B1(07) is an industrial tariff.
  • B1(08) is an industrial tariff.
  • B1b (09)T is an industrial tariff.
  • B2a (10) is an industrial tariff.
  • B2a (11) is an industrial tariff.
  • B2b (12)t is an industrial tariff.

2. Phase Type

You should be aware of the type of phase for which you have applied. A single-phase connection and a three-phase connection are the two different forms of phase connectors.

Single-phase Connection: The connection in which the consumer only receives electricity from one live wire. A single-phase connection is sufficient for a house with a small number of appliances such as televisions, air conditioners, and fans. It has a maximum load capacity. A single-phase connection also has a lower electricity bill than a three-phase connection.

Three-phase Connection: The consumer receives electricity from three live wires in a three-phase connection. A three-phase connection is always preferred by people who have many heavy appliances in their homes. It can easily carry a high electricity load. A three-phase connection’s electricity cost is usually higher than a single-phase connection.

3. Consumed Units

The user must enter the number of units utilized to calculate the FESCO Online Bill. The following patterns can be used to include them:

KWH: Kilowatt Hour is the abbreviation for “kilowatt-hour.” A thousand watts are consumed in an hour, according to 1KWH.

KVARH: Kilo Volt Ampere Reactive Hours is the abbreviation for Kilo Volt Ampere Reactive Hours. A thousand volts ampere reactive hour is known as a KVARH.

MDI: Maximum Demand Indicator is the abbreviation for Maximum Demand Indicator. It denotes the maximum quantity of power used over a given time.

4. Field Unit 

It includes both peak and off-peak hours for FESCO.

FESCO Peak Hours: The time of day when electricity demand is highest is FESCO peak hours. The rate per unit rises in response to the growing demand.

FESCO Off-Peak Hours: FESCO off-peak hours are defined as any period when electricity demand is lower, resulting in a lower charge per unit.

5. Meter Rent

Typically, the electricity meter belongs to the distributor. As a result, if a consumer uses a distributor’s meter, he must pay a meter rent and his payment. Meter rent varies depending on the price; however, it is typically Rs 15 per month.

Service Rent: The consumer should be aware of whether or not he must pay a service rent. Furthermore, if he is aware that he must pay the service rent, he should be aware of the amount.

Arrears: If a consumer missed rent or contract payments in the prior billing period, his account would be in arrears. To get out of this situation, he must pay the required sum.

No. of Televisions: A customer should know how many televisions he has in his home. There is also a TV licensing charge. Customers in the household sector will pay Rs 35 per television, while those in the commercial sector will pay Rs 60 per television.

Exemptions: The following exceptions should always be remembered. If you qualify for an exemption, make sure to indicate it.

  • STRN is available.
  • Retailers are exempt from sales tax.
  • GST is not applicable.
  • Exemption from the E tax.
  • IT is not included.
  • Exemption from ED.
  • Electricity duty: 2% on commercial and bulk electricity.
  • In agriculture, 1% of variable costs are applied.

Steps to Use FESCO Bill Calculator

  • Visit
  • Open the website and then select the FESCO bill calculator option.
  • Choose a connection type.
  • Select tariff.
  • Choose a phase type.
  • Enter the total number of units used over a month.
  • If there is a meter rent, enter it here.
  • Enter service rent if present.
  • If there are any arrears, list them here.
  • Enter the total number of TVs in the house.
  • If any exemptions are available, enter them here.
  • Select the Calculate option.
  • The bill will be calculated with the help of the power bill calculator.

FESCO Online Bill Calculation Formula

A simple formula can be used to calculate the bill online. You need to know the unit rates according to Pakistan’s general tariff before computing the cost. Using the FESCO bill calculator online or by hand, people can calculate their bills online or by hand. The formula specifies that to calculate the FESCO power bill, multiply the total number of units utilized by the tariff rate of the units. After that, add in the exemptions and extra costs. Your actual monthly bill will be the answer. The FESCO bill unit calculator works in the same way. It merely requires you to enter the unit, tariff, and additional bill information.

Benefits of FESCO Online Bill Calculator

People who can’t do math or don’t know how to calculate the bill will appreciate FESCO’s electricity bill calculator. They have to enter the necessary data, after which the calculator will calculate the bill. It takes very little work and saves a lot of time.

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