Feroza Stone in Pakistan

Feroza Stone (Turquoise) in Pakistan is not only one of the oldest gemstones known to humans, but it is also one of the most commonly used gemstones. It is blue, slightly blue-green in tint, yet pure blue. People generally enjoy Feroza. It is the month of December’s birthstone. Turquoise is a French word that means Turkish because it arrived in Europe via Turkey from Iran.

Original Feroza stone in Pakistan or Turquoise stone in Pakistan or Turquoise stone also known as (Feroza stone) is one of the most unusual and valuable jewels in history. As a result, for thousands of years, people have used turquoise stone as a pattern and a beautiful item.

This impermeable mineral is a hydrated aluminium and copper phosphate. The blue-to-green tint of the stone draws in a lot of attention from onlookers. Turquoise (Feroza), like several other opaque stones, is now being deteriorated. Synthetics and mockups have contributed to its depreciation.

Feroza Stone in PakistanFeroza Stone in Pakistan

History of Original Original Feroza in Karachi

The Turquoise gem has been called by many different names throughout history. The modern name ‘turquoise’ originated from the 17th century. The Turks were the first to introduce the mineral to Europe. As a result, the French called it ‘turques,’ which means “Turks.” Where did the Turks get it? They imported it from Khorasan, a Persian province.

The physical properties of Original Turquoise in Karachi stone or turquoise differ according to the nature, kind, and capacity of the impurities contained in it. Furthermore, the mineral may not always have the same distinct configuration. This also results in variations in the physical and chemical qualities of the stone, which affects the Original Feroza stone pricing.

It has a somewhat higher hardness than window glass. When it comes to colour, it shares many characteristics with other items. Color variations might range from white to blue-green or yellowish green in dissimilar cases. It can also appear powder blue or sky blue at times.

Turquoise’s crystalline structure is made up of many layers. Pyrite flakes, for example, may be enveloped in it and appear as brilliant spots. The stone’s absorbent structure holds a variety of moods coursing through it. These veins occasionally fill with black oxide. In some cases, secondary copper minerals, such as Chrysocolla, are intergrown with turquoise.

Benefits Of Feroza Stone in Pakistan

There are numerous things that distinguish and popularise Feroza. Feroza is thought to bring

  • Happiness,
  •  Calmness, and
  •  Serenity in life.
  • . It is used to guard against frustration and negative energies. Many civilizations have used stone as a sacred stone as well as a sign of defense on warriors’ shields in the past.
  •   It is often said that feroza’s color changes to signify a positive or bad omen.
  •   It is thought to aid in
  •  Getting rid of pressures
  • tension, as well as
  • Uncertainty.


Feroza Stone can be worn on specified days or on a special occasion in Pakistan. Feroza stone is known as the curing gem of knowledge and is said to increase the wearer’s warmth and recognised wisdom power. It distinguishes between tragedy and bad luck and produces positive effects in health, prosperity, perception, reputation, and a well-built point. Wearers of this stone have increased inventiveness and personality. It is mainly favoured for individuals seeking marital happiness and those dealing with challenges relating to their engaged life, such as marriage being postponed, etc. Anyone who desires success in their life and work can wear this. It is best worn on the right hand, on the middle finger, and can be worn after bathing or refreshing yourself. You also have something in mind for other jewellery such as bracelets and earrings, etc. Turquoise uses this stone on particularly special occasions and believes it provides them the ability to attract friends, love, wealth, luck, and relationships, as well as the bravery to tackle any form of difficulty. the stone is believed to offer certain health benefits including relieving pain and work against throat, teeth, and lung infections.


It is not advisable to use a commercial jewellery cleaning. It is best to use vinegar to clean Feroza.

  • Using a brush and warm water
  • It is critical to dry the surface after cleaning with water.
  • Polish feroza stone, focusing on metal parts, with polishing cloths.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise: A Tale of a Rare Mountain Gemstone

Everyone adores the colour blue. Blue has long been associated with water and the sky, and is prized for showing a serene and tranquil tone. Blue is also associated with royalty and serenity.

These are only a few of the reasons why everyone wears the gemstone – Sleeping Beauty turquoise (). Having jewellery made from this sort of gemstone is like staring out at the huge ocean.

This gemstone is well-known for its pristine sky-blue colour and lack of matrix. This captivating stone is named after the Sleeping Beauty mine in which it is discovered.

According to legend, the peak resembles a sleeping woman, reclining on her back with her arms folded. This mountain was named long ago, but after mining began, the name became attached to the gemstone.

Care of Feroza Stone (فیروزہ پتھر) Jewelry

This diamond is quite hard, measuring six on the Moh’s hardness scale. However, jewellery manufactured from it must be handled with care. The following are a few pointers to assist the wearer keep the brilliance of turquoise jewellery:

  •  These objects should be kept apart from other items such as jeweller and gemstones.
  •  Avoid using soap, shampoo, or lotion on this sort of jewellery.
  • Wear them with caution while doing housework, exercising, or swimming.
  • Jewelry cleaners should not be used on this gemstone jewellery.
  • To clean rings, earrings, or bracelets, always use a gentle brush and soft fabric.
  • Since it was discovered, jewellery and gemstone enthusiasts all around the world have admired the beauty and colour of this kind of turquoise stone ().
  • This vibrant gemstone is thought to have healing capabilities in addition to adding a touch of sophistication to the wearer. This attribute contributes to the stone’s uniqueness and desirability.

Because of the foregoing, Sleeping Beauty ( ) turquoise gemstone jewellery products have been among the most sought-after ornamental objects since their discovery.

The strong demand for this gemstone plainly indicates that it will become even more popular in the future days.

Features of Feroza Stone (فیروزہ پتھر)

  • Smooth edges
  • Water resistance
  • Tensile strength
  • Smooth Finish
  • Light weight
  • Beautiful Radiance
  • Durable
  • 100% original

Where feroza stone found

Turkey has a pure form of feroza stone. That is why it is known as turquoise in English. Iran produces the best feroza stone in Pakistan, although it is also found in Mexico, China, North America, Afghanistan, Iran, France, and Afghanistan.


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