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Here are some of the most common FAQs about the FESCO Online Bill



FAQs For Old Consumers

1. Is it possible to establish a new connection for a potential user?

A potential user can obtain a free questionnaire from a local department. Users must complete and send the application form to a subdivision, where the employee in charge will provide a receipt as confirmation of receipt of the application form. The new connection will be created within a month after processing the new connection request.

2. What is the meter reading method?

The meter reader takes the readings by going from door to door. The meter reader saves everything it reads in the meter readings log and on the meter reading card, which users keep. Users will be able to see the units they have used up due to this.


3. What can I do if a bill is incorrect?

If the user finds a fault in the FESCO bill, the user must notify the appropriate subdivision / RO office. It is one of the most common FAQs about the FESCO bill. You can also download your new FESCO Online Bill by clicking the link.

4. How do I change the connection to someone else’s name?

You can change the name by sending a request to the relevant Sub-Divison for the required form and papers. When all of the applicant’s requirements for a name change are completed, the connection will be renamed to the newly proposed name.

4. How can the user adjust the load based on his requirements?

The user must contact the SDO or another authorized organization that coordinates the verification of the test report and the verification and implementation of load reduction/extension measures.

5. How can a user arrange for disconnection and a security deposit refund?

If users no longer want to connect to the power supply, they can request a permanent disconnect from the SDO. After receiving approval from the concerned RO office, SDO will permanently deactivate this connection. After that, the Revenue Officer should be notified of the security case reimbursement.

FAQs For New Users

7. How can a customer switch from a residential to a business tariff?

A tariff adjustment request and supporting documents will be sent to the SDO office within two to three days.
Copy of CNIC
Last Electricity Bill Paid
Affidavit of Rs.20.00.

8. What is the NJ Surcharge?

Electricity consumption was introduced on January 1, 2008, according to PB Notice SRO 077-14 (1) 2008, 04-01-2008 Neelam Jehlum surcharge of 0.010/kWh. The Neelum Jhelum Hydropower Development Fund’s bill will include this extra.

8. Is it possible to deduct the T.V fee from the customer’s electricity bill?

Please fill out the specific one from the appropriate RO / AM (CS), sign it, and mail it to this office with a copy of your CNIC.

10. What is the minimum amount for issuing a disconnection notice (DCN)?

500 Rs/PM for a domestic consumer (A1).
Consumer Commercial (A2) = 500 Rs/PM

11. What is the process for filing a complaint against FESCO?

By contacting the toll-free number 041-118, the consumer can make a complaint against FESCO.

12. What is the best way for a user to learn about FESCO?

You can find the General information on FESCO departments’ closing hours and phone numbers on www.fesco.com.pk or click on the Home page for more FAQs.

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