There are some Electrical Safety Precautions you must take during the rainy season as you know Water and electricity do not go together! They are, in fact, the worst enemies! precautions during the rainy season regardless of your occupation. Working with electricity during the rainy season is fraught with danger. An electrical device charges the water tank with electrical ions, so stepping on it will certainly result in a severe electric shock! The rainy season also disrupts and damages building wiring and electrical receiving equipment. One-piece other advice: during thunderstorms, unplug all high voltage points in the building and avoid touching electrical contacts with bare hands! Not only that, but there are numerous more things you can do to deal with power outages during the rainy season, and this article will help you learn about them all.
Rain and storms can endanger electricity safety. Lightning strikes and fallen power lines and poles can injure or destroy people and property. PESCO recommends its valued customers and the general public take extreme caution to avoid electrical mishaps precautions during the rainy season by following the safety guidelines outlined below

Electrical Safety Precautions

Electrical Safety Precautions During Rainy Season

  • Avoid falling power poles and power wires and anything in contact with them.
  • Never attempt to pull any low-lying electricity lines.
  • Do not raise fallen or leaning power poles or support structures.
  • Never jump over, under, or touch downed or low-hanging electrical lines.
  • Avoid driving over downed power lines.
  • If your car is in contact with a downed electrical line, stay inside and warn others to stay away.
  • If the car catches fire, jump out without making contact with the car or any other metal portion of the car.
  • Avoid touching the water near a downed electrical line or anything in contact with water.
  • Prevent entry to an area with a fallen power pole or a broken or low-hanging power line by posting warning signs to alert others of the impending risk.
  • Never touch or approach vandalized electrical equipment.
  • All vandalized PESSCO equipment should be reported to the PECO problems center or the nearest PESSCO office.
  • Climb no tree that is touching or close to electrical wires.
  • Do not attempt to liberate someone who has come into touch with an electrical power line without first
  • notifying and alerting the nearest PESSCO office, problems center, and Police or Fire Brigade.
  • Stop making unlawful electricity connections and extensions.
  • Wet electrical appliances should not be used.

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