Why Canadian Solar Panel in Pakistan? Canadian Solar is the world’s best-known solar technology. They are a popular choice for solar buyers from Pakistan. Canadian Solar Panels are available in Pakistan. This well-respected brand is known for providing high-quality solar panels worldwide. This comprehensive review of Canadian solar panels will help you to choose the best option. It includes key metrics such as performance, efficiency, warranty, price, and more. This is one of the most prominent players in the solar panel industry. It was founded in Canada in 2001 and is present on six continents. The company also manufactures and sells solar farms and solar parks. It is reliable and offers competitive pricing.


Canadian Solar Panels Features

Premier Energy (Pvt) Ltd. offers the lowest price for Canadian Solar Panels in Pakistan. They are rated as Tier-one solar panels, and their performance is consistently high. Because different Canadian Solar modules are sold on the market, efficiency rates can vary. Their performance efficiency ranges between 15.88% and 19.91% on average. The new module is more efficient than the previous one. Canadian Solar PV modules are of the highest quality, but their prices are very affordable. These tier-one panels are highly sought after and available at a very high price. This indicates that a relatively low investment can produce excellent results while maintaining high quality.

Why Canadian Solar Pakistan?

Canadian Solar is a top-rated solar product that consumers and retailers consider to be the best.

  • 158+ mm wafer +156 pcs double cell + PERC technology
  • Get up to 450W of power
  • 2% higher energy yield
  • Compatible with majority trackers
  • 50% Lower LeTID
  • Mechanical Load/Snow Load up to +5400/-2400 Pa
  • Resistance to micro-cracks
  • Up to 20.3% efficiency
  • Tolerable shading has been increased
  • Canadian Solar PV Modules: Performance Efficiency

Canadian Solar Panels Price in Pakistan

  1. Canadian Solar Price for CS5A 200M 200 Watt Monocrystalline: 14,600 Rupees
  2. Canadian Solar Price in Pakistan for Quartech Solar CS6K 275M 275W Monocrystalline: Rs. 16,300
  3. The latest Canadian solar price for CS5A205M 205 Watt Monocrystalline in Canada is Rs. 15,300
  4. Canadian Solar Price for Quartech C6P with a capacity of 255P 255W Polycrystalline Rs. 16,200
  5. Canadian Solar Panels MaxPower2 C6XA-335M 335W Price at Rs. 19,300
  6. Canadian Solar Panels Prices in Pakistan for Quartech CS6P260P 260 Watt Polycrystalline Pakistani Rupees 16,700
  7. Canadian Solar Panels Prices with the best MaxPower CS6X310P 310 Watt Polycrystalline Rs. 16,900
  8. Canadian Solar Panels Price for JA Solar JAP72S01330/SC 330W Polycrystalline Rs. 20,200


Many people think about the size of PV panels that are most suitable for their roofs when they buy them. Canadian Solar 350 PV Module 350 Watt / 360 Watt is the most popular size (Kuax 350 Poly PERC), as it’s more powerful and can be installed in a smaller space than smaller watt panels.


Characteristics CS3U-360P CS3U-350P
Maximum Power(Pmax) 360Wp 350Wp
Open Circuit Voltage /Voc 47.0V 46.1 V
Short Circuit Current /Isc 9.67A 9.44 A
Optimum Operating Voltage/Vmp 39.6 38.6 V
Optimum Operating Current/Imp 9.10A 8.94 A
Module Efficiency 18.15% 17.39%
Numbers of cells 144(6*12*2) 144(6*12*2)

Canadian 665 Solar Panel Watt Summary

A Canadian solar company has launched a 665-watt solar panel with a maximum solar efficiency of 21.4%. The best price for this mono perc panel is 665 watts. This reliable and powerful Tier 1 solar panel is perfect for commercial and home use. A Canadian 665-watt solar panel of this size is available for purchase at Rs. 48,500 in 2022.

The panel manufacturing company is based in China. They make panels of high quality that meet the needs of various fields. These 665w panels are part of the CS7N MS series. Each panel contains 132 cells. Each cell has a half-cut design, which is different from the traditional.

These solar panels are of the highest quality and can be used in your solar PV projects. Each half-cut panel weighs 35.7 kg and is 93.9 inches high. Each panel is protected by a 3.2mm thick piece of tempered glass. Commercial banks and insurance companies offer loans to help you install solar panels in your home or commercial project in Pakistan.

Mono perc panels make the best solar inverters for installation with hybrid or on-grid models. They produce maximum electricity for your electricity needs. These panels can be attached to other brands of solar panels, but it is best to use the same brand and wattage.

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