Bricks rate in pakistan

Bricks price in Pakistan 2022, today blocks costs are accessible on this page. Bricks are sold with 500 amount in bullock truck and 1000 to 3000 blocks in work vehicle streetcar. The price of bricks streetcar and single eent are given underneath. The cost of 1,000 bricks in Pakistan is roughly Rs.14,000. This cost might fluctuate relying upon the sort and nature of the bricks. The cost of 1,000 bricks in Pakistan differs relying upon the kind of bricks, the quality, and the area of the buy. For instance, a block made of mud will cost under a block made of marble.

The Bricks price in Pakistan additionally changes relying upon where it is bought. A block from a neighborhood provider will cost under a block from a global provider. The Bricks price in Pakistan is accessible on this page, January 2022, underneath, you will actually want to see the rate table in which you have been given the pace of every single quality brick, on this site you need to refresh the rate step by step. You won’t need to go else on the site. Anyplace.

Bricks price in Pakistan

Bricks Price in Pakistan 2022

Searching for the Bricks Rate in Pakistan? We are offering a few select choices that might empower you to track down your ideal blocks. You can go with a decision from Consumed Dirt Blocks, Sand Lime Blocks (Calcium Silicate Blocks), Designing Blocks, Substantial Blocks and Fly Debris Earth Blocks.

Bricks Quantity A Garde – Awwal B Garde – Doem C Garde – Khangar
Single Brick Rs. 14 Rs. 12.5 Rs. 11
1000 Bricks Rs. 14,000 Rs. 12,500 Rs. 11,000
3000 Bricks Trolley Rs. 42,500 Rs. 37,500 Rs. 33,000

Bricks’ costs fluctuate from city to city in Pakistan according to accessibility, cost of natural substances, and work charges. Rates are lower in South Punjab urban communities like Multan, DG Khan, Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan, Lodhran, and so on. Costs in different regions of Pakistan, Sindh, KPK, and Balochistan are unique. Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Sahiwal, Khanewal, Peshawar, Quetta.

Today Bricks Price in Pakistan

Today 19th September 2022

Bricks Quantity A Garde – Awwal B Garde – Doem C Garde – Khangar Bricks – Rora Updated On
Single Brick Rs. 14.50 Rs. 12.50 Rs. 11 Rs: 70 Cubic Ft 18th September 2022
1000 Bricks Rs. 14,500 Rs. 12,500 Rs. 11,000 18th September 2022
3000 Bricks Trolley Rs. 42,500 Rs. 37,500 Rs. 33,000 18th September 2022

Brick Types and Grading in Pakistan

The cost of bricks likewise changes concerning their size type and grade quality. Evaluating of blocks is finished on the following models

  • A Grade – Awwal Eent
  • B Garde – Doem Eent
  • Unpleasant Surface C Grade – Khangri Eent

Type of bricks are

  • Tassu: (It is slight in level however same length and width as the normal bricks)
  • Brick Tile :(Meager and enormous length and width as well)
  • Rora Bricks: This is a shattered version of a common brick used in construction, most notably in floor construction.

Rora bricks rate in pakistan

Size of Red Brick in Pakistan

The genuine size of blocks being delivered in Pakistan is standard all over, which is

Length Width Height
9 inches 4 inches 3 inches

Length x Width x Level = 9 x 4 x 3 Inches

Number of Bricks Calculation

As indicated by this size you can compute how many bricks are expected for building a wall, room, or home. Remembering the block size ensures you have the right elements of the design. In the wake of working out the number of bricks, you can undoubtedly assess the complete expense of blocks for making any development.

Fly Ash Bricks

In advanced ages, the customary reed blocks have generally been utilized however not we are presenting “Fly Debris Blocks” that are exceptionally lightweight, all the more remarkable and prudent.
Since the days of yore, structures have been painstakingly built out of the “Red blocks”. Yet, presently has effectively acquainted the world with “fly debris blocks”, blocks that are light in weight, more noteworthy in strength, and more reasonable. Many variables engage in development however assuming you need to pick one component that is thought of as crucial and with regards to development materials in Pakistan, the response you will get will constantly be the blocks. Also, Fly Debris Blocks will be the most ideal Decision Right Now in Pakistan.

These parts are very fundamental for a structure’s development and its system. Without a doubt, it is qualified to recollect that blocks are characterized and ordered into various kinds based on quality and accessibility. For good measure, in the event that you likewise thinking about wanting to take on a development project sometime, then, at that point, look no further as you have come to the right stage. You can request that we purchase the most famous sorts of bricks that are being utilize for development purposes.

Fly Ash Clay Bricks Price In Pakistan

Yet, what do the fly debris bricks cost in Lahore?Materialz1 is similarly offering the best Fly Debris Blocks Cost in Pakistan. In the event that you are on a tight spending plan but don’t have any desire to think twice about the nature of the development material, get your hands on the fly debris blocks from us today!

Size’s red brick in Pakistan.

پاکستان میں اینٹوں کا سائز: پاکستان میں پیدا ہونے والی اینٹوں کی اصلی سائز ہر جگہ معیاری ہوتا ہیں، جو ہے،

Size of bricks in Pakistan

The real size of bricks produced in Pakistan is standard everywhere, which is,

Length Width Height Length
9 inches 4 inches 3 inches 9 inches

Number of Bricks Computation

یہ جو اپنے سائز دیکا اسکے مطابق اپکو اسنی کے ساتھ حساب لگاسکتے ہیں ۔کہ اپکے گھر کے دیواروں میں کتنی اینٹیں لگے گا۔اپ کسی بھی دیوار کے چوڑائی اور لمبائی ملٹی پلئ کر کے اپکو اندازہ لگ جائے گا کہ اپکے دیوار میں کتنی اینٹیں ائگی۔

You can work out this size as per the size you see. The number of bricks that will occur in the walls of your home. By duplicating the width and length of any wall, you will figure out the number of bricks that will come in your wall۔

Bricks Manufacturing Procedure in Pakistan

Fire red bricks are made in block ovens. Physically made furnaces covered with mud are block plants. Natural substances or fixings expected to make a block are Thick mud, water, shape, and chimney (Bhatta). Crude bricks are set in racks of Bhatta in which coal and other terminating material are utilized to give them high-temperature heat.
Block Furnaces Proprietors’ Affiliation Pakistan (BKOA) chooses the SOPs and costs of work. They likewise talk with all part to execute block rates in the country.

اینٹیں بھٹوں میں تیار کیا جاتا ہے ۔یہ اینٹیں خام مٹی سے بنتے ہیں ۔ اینٹیں بنانے کیلئے سب سے پہلے مٹی کٹا کرتا ہے اس کے بعد اس میں پانی ڈالنی ہوتی ہیں پھر اس کے بعد اس مٹی کو اسی حالت پر چوڑ دیاجاتا ہیں۔ تاکہ اسکا اچھی طرح سے پیسٹ بن جائے ۔پھر ایک دو دن بعد اسے استعمال میں لایا جاتا ہے ۔اور پر اسکو سانچوں میں ڈال کر اینٹیں نکالے جاتے ہیں ۔
اس کے بعد کچھ دن سوکھنے کیلئے رکا جاتا ہے ۔ پھر سوکھنے کے بعد بھٹی میں ترتیب سے رکھاجاتا ہے پھر اس کے بعد اسے کوئلے کے مدد سے خوب پکایا جاتا ہے ۔بیس پچیس دن کے بعد نکال کر پروخت دیا جاتا ہے

Bricks are ready in furnaces. These bricks are made of crude soil. In the first place, to make bricks, he cuts the dirt, then, at that point, he needs to place water in it, then, at that point, spreads the dirt under a similar condition. With the goal that it turns into a glue well. Then following several days, it is utilized. Also, on placing it in molds, the blocks are taken out. From that point onward, it is halted for a couple of days to rest. Then, at that point, subsequent to drying, the heater is maintained in control, then it is cooked well with the assistance of coal. Following 25 days

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