It is the BMW X3 2022 family SUV is among the German maker’s most popular models, so an electric version is only natural. The CLAR platform of the X3 was designed from the beginning to accommodate a variety of engines, from classic combustion engines up to plug-in and mild hybrids, and batteries powered drives. It’s not fully functional, which is a good thing because the competition is intense and increasing rapidly and there are plenty of capable competitors already in development, including such as the Audi e-Tron, and Jaguar I-Pace as well as Mercedes EQC. Its competitors include the Hyundai Ioniq5 (our Car of the Year for 2021) and the Volvo XC40 Recharge are modern offerings with the same features.BMW iX3 2022

BMW IX3 2022 variants and prices in Pakistan

BMW iX3 2022 Price in Pakistan, Specifications, and Features BMW Ix3 is one of the most well-known BMW vehicles. People are interested in learning about the BMW Ix3 2022 price in Pakistan for this reason. All of the information about the BMW Ix3 model for 2022 can be found right here. In addition to its features and characteristics, you can browse images, reviews, and pricing information about the BMW Ix3. Learn about the number of seats, horsepower, engine rating, and fuel efficiency.

 BMW iX3 is await for to be priced at PKR 17,490,000. This is an approximate cost but does not take into account tax, freight and other costs for documentation.




PKR 17,490,000

Exterior of BMW IX3 2022

 The exterior of the exterior of BMW IX3 2022 is stunning with intricate details that make for an impressive sculpture. A dynamic, triangular grille highlights the bold width at the front, as a 3-dimensional bonnet spreads across the front and is complemented by sleek headlamps. To the side the character lines get smaller, and the body tucks toward the rear. Wheel arches appear defined by rectangular lines. The active rear end is accent by the sleek taillights that span across the entire length of the car giving it a monolithic look. The car’s 22-inch wheels lend the car a more lively and athletic look.



 The interior is a delight. BMW IX3 2022 has been construct with your ease in mind. The frameless entryway leads to an elegant cabin that has chair headrests. High-end leather seats are offere within The Loft and Suite interior styles, and there is plenty of room for passengers to take in their flight. A large sunroof that is surround by cool breeze lets the outdoors to be brought into the cabin. A hexagonal steering wheel enhances seating comfort and the accessibility of the curves of the display panels. The center console and toggle switches strands that are locate in between the seats in front replace gear selectors. It includes a toggle switch, Central Control Unit, as well as an audio roller. This BMW IX’s screen has two displays floating on the screen that include an 14.9-inch information display screen as well as an 12.3-inch display panel for the instrument.

Colors of the BMW Ix3 

Bmw Ix3 2022 comes in a variety of beautiful hues.

Bmw Ix3 Car Parts Are Available In Pakistan

Ix3 2022 spare parts are easily available in Pakistan’s various car markets. The information can also be obtain from the BMW Ix3 showroom in Pakistan for more details.


 The BMW iX3 is a plug-in hybrid SUV which competes with other SUVs like the Audi E-Tron Mercedes EQC, Ford Mustang Mach-E as well as Skoda Enya.


  • MSRP
  • 17,490,000
  • 1798 cc
  • 120 hp
  • 10 Km
  • Automatic
  • 5
  • Front-wheel
  • 17 inches


Q1. How much will the BMW iX3 2022 cost in Pakistan?

Ans: The BMW iX3 is projected to begin at PKR 17490000.

Q2. Interior room and storage in the BMW X3

Ans: Most people won’t need the extra space featured in the larger BMW X5, but unlike the larger model, the iX3 lacks the ability to convert to a seven-seater with a third row.

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