BMW I4 2022 can be described as one of the sought-after BMW models. It is because of this that many people are curious about how much BMW I4 2022 costs in Pakistan. This page contains detailed information on this BMW I4 model for 2022. It is also possible to view images, read reviews and learn about the pricing of this model. BMW I4 2022. Find out more about how many seats there are, the horsepower as well as the engine’s rating and fuel efficiency.


The cost of the BMW I4 2022 in Pakistan is quite expensive. Prior to making a purchase or purchasing, it’s advised to obtain all relevant information about the car. But both buyers, as well as the seller, must have a clear understanding of the specifications that are included in the BMW I4 2022. BMW I4 2022. In Pakistan, this BMW model cost more than the previous models.

Variants and prices for BMW I4 2022

In Pakistan In Pakistan, it is expected that the BMW i4 sDrive80 will be available by 2022. BMW i4 is a 523-horsepower and 600 lb/ft of torque electric motor with rear-wheel-drive and a single-speed transmission. When it goes on sale it is expected to cost between $40,000 and $50,000. BMW i4 sDrive80 is expected to cost between $50,000 and $40,000.




PKR 15490000

Exterior of BMW I4 2022

The BMW i4’s exterior features large, closed surfaces, sharp lines, black inlay and vertical side openings. The kidney-shaped grille is blue with borders and an emerald-blue ring surrounding the BMW logo, which symbolizes BMW’s latest technologies. The headlights are curved and flat and they are rear-facing and slim with horizontal lines and massive LEDs to illuminate the roads. The horizontal design of the rear ends is made by the taillights that are horizontal and the large tailgate. The top models feature twenty-inch alloy wheels that feature a double-spoke design and sports tires that are attractive and sturdy.

Interior of BMW I4 2022

When you step inside the BMW i4, you will feel luxurious and comfortable. Each feature is designed to meet the requirements of the driver and the convenience of the passengers. The cabin’s intuitive design and top-quality materials make it more appealing. The seats are constructed of top-quality Oyster Vernasca leather with ornamental stitching and the latest technology. The seats in the back are comfortable with three seats The baggage compartment can hold approximately 470 liters. It can be expanded by folding the back seats.


There is the BMW Curved Display, which was initially introduced on the BMW i4, adds curved displays to the cockpit, creating an upscale look. Each function can be controlled in a virtual manner and even cooling systems are operated by using touchscreens. A 12.3-inch display functions to act as an instrument panel and the 14.9-inch touchscreen serves as an infotainment system that has smartphones connected. A BMW iDrive system, which is integrated into BMW Operating System 8, allows you to easily manage the functions. The M50 comes with leather-wrapped steering wheels with Blue stitched Alcantara seats with bolstered seats and BMW distinctive sounds.

Powerful & Smooth

The BMW i4 boasts unrivaled performance with 400 kW of power. The Gran Coupé has a very smooth ride and can reach 100 km/h in less than four seconds. Thanks to model-specific damper technology, the sudden acceleration will be an exhilarating but controlled driving experience without any drive slip or course corrections.

Long-Distance Comfort

The Gran Coupé is entirely electric and has a range of up to 585 kilometers, which makes it perfect for daily use (WLTP). Even at greater speeds and in more challenging traction circumstances, the practically quiet driving and the optimized suspension technology provide the impression that a vehicle is smoothly gliding towards its goal.

Superior Handling

This four-door coupe is built with BMW’s famous almost perfect weight distribution and exceptionally finely tuned suspension components to deliver exhilarating agility and precision on long-distance trips, city excursions, or gorgeous country roads.

Enough Space

As a true five-seater, the BMW i4 provides great head and leg room for passengers in the back. The BMW Gran Coupé’s long wheelbase, small overhangs, and flat roofline will all contribute to its sporty-elegant appearance.

Trims & Variants

The eDrive40 and M50 are the two variations of the BMW i4 that will be offered. The BMW i4 M50 produces greater power than the BMW i4 eDrive40, which is where the two variations diverge. Both versions have different driving ranges. You may also choose the Sport or M Sport option, which comes with a more aggressive body kit and bigger wheels. The M50 model also has an all-wheel drive.

Battery Capacity & Powertrain

With 340 horsepower and 430 Nm of torque, the BMW i4 eDrive40 is powered by an electric motor that is supported by an 80.7 kWh battery. In comparison to the eDrive40, which only offers rear-wheel drive, the BMW i4 M50 produces 554 horsepower and 795 Nm of torque. BMW says that the BMW i4’s battery packs have a 30% increase in density over the BMW i3’s and will provide an additional 100 miles of range with only a 10-minute charge. The battery must be fully charged using an AC charger for 8.5 hours, whereas 80% of its charge may be reached using a DC charger in just 31 minutes.


BMW I4 2022 comes in various attractive colors.


MSRP 15490000
ENGINE 1798cc
DRIVE Front Wheel
WHEELBASE 18 inches

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